Where does WA get its data?

WeatherAlpha aggregates raw weather data from a number of publically and privately available sources. We have a proprietary method for cross-checking data for accuracy and apply it in a way that takes regional sensitivities and historical norms into account.

Where is the data available?

WeatherAlpha’s data is available via a number of DSPs (for targeting) and ad servers (for weather-based messaging and prioritization).

Our data can be applied to paid search campaigns, social media (via our partnership with LiveRamp), digital audio via AdsWizz, and for terrestrial radio (via our partnership with iHeartMedia.) For inquiries into specific platforms send us a note: hello@weatheralpha.com

Which weather data should I use for my campaign?

Our team is available to advise which weather data points could best be used based on your goals and messaging.

We often advise targeting forecast (and sometimes past) conditions in conjunction with current ones in order to extend a weather event, and increase the window for delivering a relevant ad.

How is the data priced?

  • On most platforms, the rate for our standard, pre-built segments is $0.50 CPM.
  • Custom segments can be created as needed. The rate for custom segments is $0.75.
  • For paid search campaigns, we charge on a $0.25 CPC basis.

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