Premium Data and Analytics for Brands and Ad Agencies

WeatherAlpha helps you target your ads. By using weather data (rain, snow, wind) and health data (diabetes, asthma, flu), you can refine your ads resulting in boosted ROI.

Condition: Cold/Cough Activity
Leverage our current conditions for a call to action where cold/cough activity is taking place.
Selected condition present.
Selected condition not present.
Condition: Cold/Cough Activity
WeatherAlpha is a one-stop shop when it comes to weather and health data.


We can create a unique trigger based upon your campaign goals. This will yield the most accurate results.


We make it simple to access our data on multiple platforms including The Trade Desk and LiveRamp, saving you both time and energy.


We are readily available to assist you at any time from a pre-campaign call to mid-campaign reviews and post-campaign summaries.


We offer competitive pricing and no minimums or set-up fees to maximize your budget.

Our customers dramatically increase their sales with our help. Find out how.

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