WeatherAlpha was founded on the principle that weather permeates and impacts almost everything in our lives – from the most mundane of tasks to larger and more costly life choices. Anyone who has ever had a flight delayed or tracked prices in the produce aisle can attest to the impact of weather on both large companies and individual consumers. The fact is, at any time, the weather is affecting large sectors of the global economy, including agriculture, commerce, energy use, and transportation. The question we like to ask is:

What can weather do for your business?

WeatherAlpha’s mission is to deliver industry specific solutions to clients seeking to understand the impact of weather on their businesses and gain a competitive advantage.

Our executive team spans a breadth of expertise including Meteorology, Business Consulting, Technology and Marketing, combining to develop weather-influenced operational efficiencies, marketing methodologies and technology solutions for small, medium and large businesses across the globe and climates.

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