Where does WeatherAlpha get its data?

We aggregate raw weather feeds from publicly and privately available sources (North America and international) that have been vetted for accuracy and consistency. We continually monitor the results of our sources to make sure they are accurate, and systematically look for new sources that can strengthen our data feed. Examples of public sources include the EPA and NWS and private sources include IQVIA.

Where is the data available?

WeatherAlpha’s data is available via a number of DSPs (for targeting), ad servers, and direct integration.

Our data can be applied to programmatic, paid search campaigns, social media, email, and other channels via The Trade Desk, LiveRamp, iHeart Media, Aki, UBIMO, FlashTalking, and many more.

For inquiries into specific platforms send us a note: hello@weatheralpha.com

What type of data do you offer?

Weather, health, pollen, cold and flu, product specific (ex. Hazardous Driving conditions), custom.

How is your data delivered?

Our data is geo-based and delivered at the zip code level.

How frequently is your data refreshed?

Depending on the condition, our refresh rate varies anywhere from every 15 minutes (extreme weather) to hourly for most current weather conditions. Forecast weather updates every 4 – 6 hours.  Seasonal IQVIA health conditions (ex. Cold, Flu, Pollen) update daily. General IQVIA health conditions (ex. Migraine) update monthly (seasonal health).

How is the data priced?

Weather conditions:

  • Past $0.45 CPM
  • Current $0.55 CPM
  • Forecast $0.65 CPM
  • Specialty Conditions $0.75 CPM
    – WeatherAlpha Pollen model
    – WeatherAlpha Cold Flu
    – Departure from Normal
  • Product Specific Conditions $0.75 CPM
  • Most Custom Conditions $0.75 CPM
  • IQVIA Health Conditions $1.50 CPM
  • IQVIA Health Conditions available at a subscription rate upon request.

What makes WA unique:

One-stop shop
We offer a wide range of weather and health conditions.

Best in class data at very competitive prices.  No minimums or set up fees.

Pre-campaign call, mid-campaign reviews and post campaign summaries available.

We can advise on how our data can best be customized based on your goals.

Access our data via your preferred ad platforms. DSP’s, Ad Servers, Email, Paid Search, Radio, Digital Audio, Social.

Dramatically increase your sales with our geo-targeted marketing and advertising data. Find out how.

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