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Understanding how Weather Impacts your Business

Weather Impact Assessment - Weather Based MarketingMost businesses are impacted by the weather—but they are not all affected in the same way. Some benefit from inclement weather—for example, snow tire sales spike in advance of a winter storm. Other businesses do well during pleasant weather—lawn/garden sales see a boost during the first sunny, warm weekends of spring.

Weather Impact Assessment - Weather Based MarketingUsing your first party insights (under NDA), sales/leads/website/inventory data, and WeatherAlpha’s expertise, we can conduct a Weather Impact Assessment to show you which weather conditions are most impactful to your product or service, and the extent to which your bottom line is weather sensitive. These insights can be used to influence all areas of your business—from supply chain management to pricing to marketing.

Given the regional flexibility of our technology, we can create different weather targeting rules for different geographies and deploy them to trigger based on the ongoing or forecast weather in those locales.

The first step to a successful campaign is understanding. This allows for a customized, data-driven approach to leveraging weather in a way that makes your campaign more efficient and delivers timely, relevant connections with customers.

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