WeatherAlpha’s New Product-Specific Triggers


4WD Vehicles Fire Danger

Beer: Stouts and Porters Home Repairs Exterior

Dry Skin/Moisturizers Home Repairs Interior

Fishing Weather Mosquito Threat

Food Delivery Outdoor Workouts

Hazardous Driving Pool Time

Heating System Rain Boots

Hot Drinks Spring Apparel

Movies/Binge Watching Storm Damage

Rain Jackets Yard Work

Retail – Warmer Than Last Year

Retail – Cooler Than Last Year

Ski Bum

Snow Boots

Travel: Warm Vacation


Fire Danger

Home Repairs Exterior

Home Repairs Interior

Mosquito Threat

Outdoor Workouts

Pool Time

Rain Boots

Spring Apparel

Storm Damage

Yard Work


What is a Product-Specific Weather Trigger?

These new triggers leverage the weather conditions known to drive

consumer behavior within a specific product or product category.

What is behind a Product-Specific Weather Trigger?

These proprietary triggers combine several past, current, and/or

forecast weather conditions.

What is the deliverable?

WeatherAlpha provides frequently updated, geo-based triggers that are

currently available within The Trade Desk.

What is the refresh rate?

Every 1 – 6 hours, depending on the trigger.

What is the cost?

$0.75 CPM

About the Author
Lindsay Feinstein
About the Author

Lindsay Feinstein, Sales and Marketing Director

Lindsay joins the WeatherAlpha team from the publishing world where she has spent the majority of her career working in advertising sales and digital marketing for several notable publications including Rolling Stone ...  more

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