December 2019 – Spring Planning, Pollen Season, and Allergy Forecasting

Spring Planning and Pollen Season

With pollen season upon us, it’s time for spring planning and pollen season will be a big part of it. Now is the time to take advantage of WeatherAlpha’s partnership with Together, we provide brands and agencies with the most reliable allergy forecasts within each zip code. This allows brands to target their media spend and messaging to areas experiencing the highest pollen counts and the most unhappy allergy sufferers. Allow your brand to bring relief and end the suffering of seasonal allergies before they peak in each area.’s data sets include current and forecast triggers for the following pollen levels:

Allergy Forecasting And Weather

If you suffer from allergies, you know that the severity of your allergies can vary depending upon the season and weather conditions in your particular location. You may want to know in advance how much allergy medication you will need or what locations to avoid and an allergy forecast can assist you. An allergy forecast predicts future pollen levels for an area by identifying patterns in historical pollen indexes and current pollen reports. To determine an accurate allergy forecast, weather is analyzed, including winter weather conditions, freeze dates, and rain conditions. According to, a late freeze can delay tree pollination, producing lower pollen counts. Rain can reduce the pollen count by washing pollen from the air, thereby providing relief for allergy sufferers. Although sometimes rain can cause an adverse effect: rain in late fall or winter can increase tree pollination amounts, causing higher pollen levels. Increased rain in spring makes grass grow faster to produce more unwanted pollen.


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