WeatherAlpha Integrates with The Trade Desk’s DMP

Based on our experience working together over the past two years to provide custom weather targeting capabilities to brands, WeatherAlpha and The Trade Desk recently partnered up to make a pre-set menu of WeatherAlpha’s segments available within The Trade Desk’s DMP.

This expands The Trade Desk’s event-based targeting solution and allows quicker, easier access to a wide range of WeatherAlpha’s data points.

Weather targeting has proven effective across a number of verticals when used as a standalone tactic—especially when coupled with weather-focused messaging.

With the deeper integration allowed by TTD’s DMP, marketers now have the option to layer behavioral or demographic data over weather data. Some initial applications that brands implemented include:

  • targeting people who are interested in allergy relief where and when pollen counts are highest
  • targeting purchasers of women’s apparel in advance of and during cold, snowy weather to market winter jackets

Contact the WeatherAlpha team for advice on which weather data points to use based on your goals, messaging, and needed scale.

About the Author
Carl Weber
About the Author

Carl Weber, Director, Business Development

Having over ten years experience as a sales professional, Carl has led promotional teams within the local food, entertainment, and sports verticals; worked with a boutique commercial real estate firm in Manhattan; and...  more

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